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This wiki should hopefully have some valuable and useful information to enjoy. There are many good ideas that can exist. There are many things to potentially write about.

There is a great deal of information available on The Internet. Everything is an idea. Wikis are useful tools for collaboration and dissemination of information.

There are many good wikis that exist. Wikis are quite good, it seems. Hopefully all humans will realize the potential of wikis to be a constructive force.

There may be options for joining this wiki in the future so that more humans can edit it.

Hopefully more individuals will engage in fruitful collaborations over The Internet. Hopefully the information on this wiki will be useful and interesting to read and view.

This wiki exists to provide valuable information which has the potential to benefit all humans on Earth.

This wiki is ultimately about learning and entertainment. The two (learning and entertainment) can happen at the same time or different times. Information and content can be primarily educational and also at least a bit entertaining. Information and content can be primarily entertaining and also at least a bit educational. This wiki is an attempt to blend the two.