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File:ק.מ.י. - קרב מגן ישראלי.jpg
The official Israeli Krav Magen Association logo
File:קמי דגל.jpg
K.A.M.I logo with the Israeli flag

Israeli Krav Magen also Known as K.A.M.I (Krav Magen Israeli Template:Lang-he-n "Israeli Defense Combat") is an Israeli martial art and self defense system. It's was developed based on real life situations, from the streets and during combat. The system was developed from Krav Maga and was officialy founded in 1989 by Eli Avikzar.


The technique is based on natural movements of the body and excels in being simple, fast and efficient. The technique focuses on instinctive and natural movments of the human body, and not on the perfection and aesthetics of the movment. K.A.M.I encuorages and teaches through training respect, discipline, courtesy, bravery and independence. In K.A.M.I trainees are taught to avoid any violent conflict, yet to react aggressively, wisely and with courage when caught in one.

K.A.M.I has four basic principles

  1. Don't be harmed
  2. Use your abbilities, Yet act correctly
  3. Use your knowledge as necessary
  4. The simplest way, which is the shortest and the fastest way

Rank and Grading

Israeli Krav Magen grading system by belt order
White 55px
Yellow 55px
Orange 55px
Green 55px
Blue 55px
Brown 55px
Black 55px
Black with two red stripes on each end (Second Dan) 55x55px
Black with a red stripe running through the middle (Third Dan) 55x55px
Red with a black stripe running through the middle (Fourth Dan) 55x55px
Black and Red (Fifth Dan) 55x55px
Red and White (Sixth and Seventh Dan) 55px
Red (Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Dan) 55px

The knowledge of the trainee in the technique and his experience is marked by belt color in the following order: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Black belts - First Dan: Black, Second Dan: Black with two red stripes on each end, Third Dan: Black with a red stripe running through the middle, Fourth Dan: Red with a black stripe running through the middle, Fifth Dan: Black and Red, Sixth and Seventh Dan: Red and White, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Dan: Red Nowadys Avi Abeceedon is the headmaster of the system, he was awarded a tenth dan red belt on May 21 2014. He is also Wingate's head of martial arts.

Israeli Krav Magen Worldwide

There is an Israeli Krav Magen institute in Turkey which is associated with the Israeli Krav Magen Association. In addition the head of K.A.M.I teaches courses and seminars all over the world which include K.A.M.I

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