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Homeless Friendly Precincts are a minimum standard that is being campaigned for by advocates of the homeless. Homeless Friendly Precincts are the brainchild of social justice campaigner Gerry Georgatos.[1] Georgatos has described Homeless Friendly Precincts as "a sliver of human dignity for the homeless" where the major hubs of homelessness in major cities and towns throughout Australia should have a 24/7 precinct for the homeless of showers, laundries, small storage facilities, treatment and rest areas and sleeping areas.[2][3]


The campaign for Homeless Friendly Precincts was launched in Perth, Western Australia by the editors of online news publication The Stringer which is known for its advocacy for the vulnerable and marginalised. The campaign has generated support and commitments from local government authorities in Perth and has spread to other cities in the nation, such as Adelaide and has gained the support of organisations that support the homeless such as Shelter SA. SA Shelter Director, Dr Alice Clarke describes Homeless Friendly Precincts as a "minimum standard".[4][5]

The Stringer's editors, Jennifer Kaeshagen who also coordinates the First Nations Homelessness Project[6] and Georgatos capitalised on establishing support for Homelessness Friendly Precincts after supporting the creation of safe spaces for the homeless such as Matagarup Refugee Camp. The camp has survived City of Perth pressure to be shut down.[7][8][9]


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