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Earning money can be quite useful, it seems. There are many ways to potentially earn money. Entrepreneurship is one way to earn money, potentially. Owning a business can potentially be a good way to earn money.

Learning about how to successfully earn money when needed and/or desired can potentially be quite useful and fruitful.

Selling a product or service is probably the most common way to earn money. Arguably, these are the only two ways to potentially earn money.

It can be quite enjoyable to have money, it seems. Having success can feel quite good, it seems. Earning money can be one goal to potentially have success with, it seems. Money is a tool.

When earning money through entrepreneurship and helping others occurs in parallel, then it can be referred to as social entrepreneurship. When both of those things are done online, then it can be referred to as online social entrepreneurship.

Someone who engages in online entrepreneurship can be thought of as being an Internet entrepreneur.

Notes on books

  • The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco
    • The Law of Affection: If you want to earn millions, you must affect millions. You can impact fewer to earn millions if you have a larger impact on them.
    • The wealth trinity is family/relationships, health, and freedom. Money is a method of obtaining freedom.
  • The Millionaire Upgrade by Richard Parkes Cordock
    • Persistence is probably the most important key to being a successful entrepreneur. You must never give up.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    • You must pick a particular amount of money that you want to earn. You should be specific.
    • You must have a burning desire to earn a certain amount of money.
    • You must be relentlessly persistent while trying to reach your chosen goals